Get inspired with Cameron Diaz and fall in love again…



Elle docor camren diaz kitchen

Get inspired with Cameron Diaz and fall in love again…

Working with a client who is willing to take risks opens doors in a designer’s mind that are often otherwise blocked by safe choices.  In our trade, the opportunity to explore new territories and introduce bold design statements in the home is a welcomed gift.

One of my current projects is for a beloved client who is open to step out of her comfort zone. When we started her renovation last year, I suggested the idea of refinishing her kitchen cabinets in extreme high gloss, selecting a deep, dark and moody green lacquer.  Initially, she was not convinced that she would like the end result.

As we moved through the project, it became clear that this bold direction would beautifully integrate her open floor plan kitchen with the flow of the new spaces we were creating. The new saturated emerald color would take my client’s kitchen from its generic design of warm wood cabinetry with speckled granite counters (Oh, so 90’s) to a fun, sophisticated look much more in line with her vibrant personality.

To my great pleasure and surprise, actress Cameron Diaz’s kitchen in the latest issue of Elle Décor echoed my sensibility. In Cameron’s space, the brilliant designer Kelly Wearstler used dark green lacquered cabinets with an elegant gold detail. This fresh new take on a vintage 70′s look was the final argument to seduce my client into refinishing her own kitchen.  The new color will transform the space into a glamorous, sexy and mysterious corner, all qualities my client loves in her new home.

In design history, the dark painted cabinetry look traditionally belongs to Old World England and centuries old East Coast homes, which renders it timeless.  Sadly, this decorating element has long been out of favor in the name of “resale value”.  Because dark colors are a statement and a personal preference, they are not a “safe” choice in the mind of homeowners who may be looking to sell their home when the market is right.

On a positive note and in part due to the recent financial crisis, we may finally be leaving an era of treating our homes like piggy banks. It seems we may be returning to a culture where homes are a refuge for memories and families. Perhaps hard times have taught us again to love our homes for their ability to capture within their walls the emotions that will stay with us for years to come. Perhaps we can finally begin to safely reflect who we are with our design choices.

In terms of real estate, I believe that a well-designed personal space will show just as well, if not better than, a generically appealing one.  Although, chances are that when home truly becomes the place where your heart is, you probably won’t even think about selling.

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