“Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed building structures and creating interiors; my childhood room was filled with Lego homes, wood block buildings, armoire shelves that had lost their original purpose and been turned into my doll’s luxurious Paris flats, equipped with furniture and finishes and all amenities”.

Bénédicte Plas Torrington was born and raised in France where she first studied “French and Comparative Literature” and envisioned a career in teaching and writing. Her thesis research and her love of travels brought her to Spain where she studied abroad for her Master’s degree and then to Mexico and the United States.

As she found most of her travelling experiences to be profoundly nurturing and transformative, she decided to settle in Los Angeles where she started to explore her creative side and serendipitously began working as a floral designer for a high end Boutique on the prestigious Montana Avenue of Santa Monica.

Although she enjoyed the creative side of the work, she had yet to discover her true calling. She decided to move to Downtown LA where the urban revitalization was under way, and felt the excitement of experiencing the rebirth of downtown and its pioneering, alternative and creative crowd. Design was all around her.

It was her husband who pointed out her inherent passion and talent for design and encouraged her to enroll into the UCLA Interior Design and Architecture program where she finally reconciled with her childhood fantasy.

There, she studied Interior Design for 3 years before she began working as a design consultant for AEID, a very high profile design firm in Hancock Park.  Under the mentorship of Annette English, she blossomed as a creative designer and eventually assumed the position of senior head designer in the company. She designed and managed several high caliber projects and had the opportunity to see her work featured in great design press. In the mean time, she was able to build a substantial network of design associates and resources.

She and her family permanently relocated to Phoenix Arizona in 2008 where she remodeled her own home and launched Bénédicte Torrington Interior Design in 2011.

With almost ten years of experience in residential design, Bénédicte Torrington brings to your home the talent, chic and “know-how” that will help to create your dream environment.

Design Philosophy

A native of France, Bénédicte Torrington is able to infuse her sophisticated flair into her designs and translate her client’s vision into timeless, glamorous and stylish interiors that reflect their personalities and support their life styles.

Her ability to transcend the various design aesthetics and give any room a fresh and streamlined look allows her to inject radiance and unexpected elements to the interiors she brings to life, while making highly personable and inviting home environments.

“My aesthetic is about clean lines, balance, symmetry and a small taste of their opposites. I am a strong believer in mixing things up: I enjoy giving a traditional interior a fresh twist of the unexpected, and infusing casual warmth or classic elegance to a contemporary space”

“My interiors must feel lived in. They are “home” and carry the print of their inhabitants. I like to de-clutter a space to where it is manageable and repopulate it with essential pieces, personal objects and a few elements that give it a unique and particular flavor”.

Bénédicte Torrington helps her clients feel and create profound emotional responses to their environments.

“Being in their space must be pleasurable, intriguing, inviting, comforting, not unsettling. In a room, I like to create correspondences that feel enveloping and generate a profound sense of well-being”.

“When I am finished with a space, I love to hear from my clients that they are excited and happy to come back home each and every day. My goal is to create an experience in which my clients feel nurtured, relaxed, effortlessly supported in their busy lives by their environments and excited to share their space with their friends and loved ones.”